Crisis Management Programs Tailored to Your Organization

Mitroff Crisis Management offers an integrated, cross-functional, cross-divisional, cross-organizational, systems approach to all the phases and aspects of crisis management. Unlike other crisis management services, MCM is systemic. We treat all the critical aspects and phases of crisis preparedness and response—before, during, and after a major crisis.

services_team.jpgMCM overcomes the fragmentation that is characteristic of many current crisis management programs and approaches, integrating risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, business recovery, damage containment, and early-warning systems. It is impossible to prevent all crises, but crisis-prepared organizations recover two to three times faster than those that are not—at one third the cost.

Our services include skill-building workshops, crisis simulations, team training, and vulnerability audits, custom software for crisis management, and a training tool in the form of a board game. The board game, Crisis Prone or Prepared, embodies all the essential features of crisis management and teaches players to manage major crises before, during, and after they occur.

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3 Responses to Services

  1. Esther Ekata says:

    I want summary of this teaching pls is something I need now. Is quite encouraging

  2. C (Jiff) says:

    Wow! My personal issues once again led me to something like this! I can see this is MAJOR HELP! Starting a non-profit which WILL require this!

  3. Latwanuia Henry says:

    This valuable source of information is very resourceful and a knowledgeable asset to have. I have learned a great deal and amount about how to manage all types of crisis, and how to handle each one.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Latwanuia Henry

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