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On Mixed Minds: Liberal-Conservatives and Conservative-Liberals

Conservatives are generally fearful of and highly resistant to change, have an obsessive need for order and predictability, prize individual differences (money, status, etc.), and believe in hierarchy over community and egalitarianism. In sharp contrast, liberals generally believe strongly in reasoned argument, logic, and science.
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The War of Words: Are Certain People and Words So Reprehensible Such That They Should Be Ostracized?

The recent “reprehensible outburst” — if that’s what it really deserves to be called — by Rush Limbaugh towards Sandra Fluke has predictably set off a War of Words between conservatives and liberals.

Liberals, among whom I enthusiastically count myself, are completely — and in my view, rightly — disgusted not only by Rush Limbaugh’s choice of words, but his general behavior and demeanor. Continue reading

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