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Colleges and Universities Are Ill-Prepared for Crises

When my colleagues and I first started doing surveys of the crisis preparedness of major colleges and universities, we were shocked but not totally surprised to find that as poorly prepared large business organizations generally are for major crises, colleges and universities were even worse off. It is not that they are completely unprepared. Rather, the difference is between the crises that they are relatively well prepared for versus those that they barely prepared for, if at all. Continue reading

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Too Close for Comfort: Agonizing Similarities Between Penn State and the Catholic Church

The scandal that has emerged from Penn State in the past few weeks is a grotesque example of child abuse. What is even more disturbing are the agonizing similarities between this scandal and those that have come out of the Catholic Church. Penn State is not only judged in terms of all the things it did wrong in handling its repeated episodes of child abuse, but it is the direct inheritor of everything the Church did wrong. In short, Penn State has been made worse because of prior cases of abuse. Continue reading

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